Hope from Holly is your source for unbiased, objective, scientifically and legally sound information pertaining to your health, your pets, and your unborn children. We pursue the truth in all of these issues, regardless of where it may lead. We do not maintain any political or financial conflicts of interest, which further legitimizes and fortifies the information presented. We are dedicated to real education; namely, education that is propaganda free – devoid of hype, hyperbole, deception, or ulterior motives. We do not utilize fear or manipulate peoples’ emotions in order to convince them to do something which would be beneficial for us, and deleterious for them. Why is this important? As you will read on our website, there are numerous sources of information which you will come across both in life and online that do not have your best interest (or your pets) at heart; it is your duty to differentiate between the good sources and the bad. We aid you in that disambiguation process. Our principal incentivize here at Hope from Holly is to assist, guide, and empower you to make the correct decisions for your life; the way in which we hope to accomplish that task is by disseminating accurate information about the aforementioned issues, advocating for the passage of ethical legislation, and precluding the advance of unethical, inequitable bills.

The impetus for this organization was Holly Stavola, a beloved member of our family. Her life ended tragically and needlessly because of a vaccine – the second MMR vaccine dose – which was a requirement for Holly to attend kindergarten in New Jersey.This tragedy in our own lives prompted us to create Hope from Holly so we could reach more people with educational materials so that they never have to suffer the pain we experienced with the loss of our family member. On these pages, you will find unbiased analyses of the vaccine debate, and it is our hope that – armed with this information – you will make the right choices for your families and share this information with those you love.

We hope that you find our website enlightening, thought-provoking, and beneficial for your life and the lives of your loved ones. Most importantly, we hope that – upon reading the information provided here – you will be incentivized to partake in this multifaceted, interminable battle for both freedom and ethics, for all God’s creatures.