We’re glad you made it to our new page!  There is so much information on the vaccine issue on the internet.  At best, it is overwhelming and confusing; and at worst, it is erroneous and dangerous.  It is hard to know where to start to know the truth and what we can do in our own lives once we know it.  At Hope From Holly we hear this simple question all the time: “Where do I start?”

It is for this reason that we will be offering a resource to help our readers to understand issues related to vaccines and to know what practical measures we all can take to make sure we are protecting ourselves and the ones we love.

Click the blue box to find a schematic detailing the intellectual journey of those who begin to question the safety of vaccinations.

Then please watch the videos below.

The following video is an interview between Dr. Henele of the Energetic Health Institute and Robin and Tom Stavola, the mother and brother of Holly Stavola. EHI is a Non-Profit, 100% Online School offering AMAZING Classes in Holistic Nutrition that give you the opportunity to get Board Certified by the NANP. Robin was a student in the Institute’s VAX 101 Vaccine Education Specialist Certification program.  Robin and Tom discuss various topics such as: Holly’s story (the events leading up to her passing), the National Vaccine Injury Compensation program, the Vaccine Court, their advice for parents, the issues with the current medical paradigm, their contributions to the vaccine risk aware movement, among other intriguing topics. This is a cogent, poignant interview – a must see! We are deeply grateful to Dr. H for this incredible opportunity to share our story and the truth!


The following video is an interview between Polly Tommey of the Vaxxed documentary and Robin and Tom Stavola, the mother and brother of Holly Stavola. In excruciating detail, they talk about Holly’s life and the events surrounding our tragedy. In this interview, Robin and Tom share important information regarding many vaccine related topics. We are very appreciative of this excellent opportunity to share Holly’s story. Thank you, Polly Tommey!





Sallie Elkordy interviews Robin and Tom Stavola 

Sallie Elkordy interview of Robin and Tom Stavola

Robert Scott Bell interviews Robin and Tom Stavola 

Click on the April 15th, 2018 show (scroll down):

Robert Scott Bell interview of Robin and Tom Stavola


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