Are you over-vaccinating your pet?

Invaluable Website Explaining the Risks Of Over-Vaccination, by Elizabeth Hart:

“Bottom line: at the cost of $20 to $40 a pop, over-vaccination can not only harm your pet, it can be a serious pain for your budget.”

Significance of the study: The risk of vaccine associated adverse events (nonspecific vaccine reaction, allergic reaction, urticaria, or anaphylaxis) increased significantly as the number of vaccine doses increased. Each additional vaccine increased the risk of an adverse event by 27% in small dogs, and by 12% in larger dogs.

Quote from Study Conclusion: “Young adult small-breed neutered dogs that received multiple vaccines per office visit were at greatest risk of a VAAE within 72 hours after vaccination. These factors should be considered in risk assessment and risk communication with clients regarding vaccination.”

Effects of Vaccines on the Canine Immune System

Significance of the study: the vaccine suppresses white blood cell responsiveness, that is, weakens the immune system


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Significance of study: vaccines can cause a condition in which red blood cells are destroyed

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Significance of Study: Antibody titer (serological) testing should be sought as a substitute for annual “booster” vaccinations.