Below is a link from the National Vaccine Information Center about the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

More about the program and process from the HRSA:

The compensation program was created in 1986, as a trade-off for tort, product liability. The pharmaceutical industry was receiving a flood of lawsuits in the 1980s, primarily from the DPT vaccine (one of the reasons why we now have the DTaP vaccine is because the DTP was so incredibly damaging). The pharmaceutical industry threatened Congress saying that they’d no longer produce vaccines without legal immunity. As a result, the compensation program protects vaccine manufacturers from liability; you can’t sue them for product liability. Doctors are mostly protected as well, except in very limited cases. This effectively created a system of no accountability in the industry (and doctors). This lack of liability elicited the exponential growth in the vaccine schedule, because vaccines suddenly became extremely profitable. There is no incentive to test them sufficiently for safety, given the lack of accountability. If you experience a vaccine injury, you must use the compensation program. This program uses a pseudo “vaccine court” system with appointed special masters, and without jury or discovery. If your injury falls within the limited scope of the “vaccine injury table” (see below) you may receive compensation. If it doesn’t fall in the table, you need mountains of evidence from medical experts to attempt to prove causation. It’s a system that is rather inequitable from the outset.

Lawsuit by Robert Kennedy, Jr., and Del Bigtree against the United States Health and Human Services ends in settlement in which the HHS admits that it has NOT conducted the necessary vaccine safety research over the past 30 years! This admittance – that the HHS has NOT been following one of the stipulations of the 1986 NCVIA – is a MAJOR first step, that now invites the opportunity for further lawsuits against the government for lack of safety research.

The 1986 NCVIA afforded legal immunity to the pharmaceutical industry, and so, the incentive to make vaccines safer was removed. In order to remedy this, Congress stipulated that the HHS should report on their improvements to vaccine safety every 2 years, beginning in 1986.

RFK Jr. and ICAN’s Freedom of Information Act Request, as ordered by the court, show that the HHS has not been doing its job. The only agency tasked with improving and studying vaccine safety has NOT being doing so.

This is an unmitigated failure of vaccine safety oversight on the part of the HHS!