Dr. Andrew Wakefield is often lambasted as someone who conducted a fraudulent, retracted study that asserted MMR-autism causation. The fact is: Dr. Wakefield’s study was not of sufficient power or designed properly to determine causation. He merely noticed a temporal association between receipt of MMR vaccination and the development of gastro-intestinal inflammation and neuro-psychiatric symptoms such as autism.

Further, Dr. Wakefield’s findings – suggesting that the MMR vaccine could potentially play a role in the pathophysiology of autism – have been replicated numerous times.

So, how could Wakefield possibly be a fraud, if his study has been replicated and corroborated by numerous other scientists globally?


Studies replicating Dr. Wakefield’s findings globally:



Even more studies replicating Dr. Wakefield’s findings, thereby underscoring the validity of Dr. Wakefield’s initial hypothesis: