Hope From Holly, Inc. is a 501(c)3 that seeks to raise awareness about critical health issues, of which vaccine risk is our central, paramount focus. The issue of vaccination impacts all individuals, from birth until death; it also affects animals. Currently, vaccines for humans are a condition for participating in the educational systems, military, hospital environments, among other sectors, and will likely become requirements for increasing numbers of adults. So, even if the vaccine paradigm does not affect you right now, it is probable that it will eventually in the near future. Thus, now is the time to arm yourself with the necessary knowledge so that you will be able to make an informed decision. Those who are ill-informed will be more easily coerced into potentially dangerous decisions. Almost all of our members have researched the subject of vaccines extensively; countless years of research invested in understanding the intricacies of the topic and its various components. Some of our members have devoted their lives to researching the science, and have developed illustrious careers as scientists in the biomedical community. Many members have invested numerous hours into meeting with legislators, educating them on the subject, preparing detailed testimonies for Assembly and Senate Health Committee hearings, drafting legal and scientific analyses to present to them, and traveling across the state sharing valuable information with legislators. Hence, the information on this website is derived from people who have taken the time to thoroughly research the material, beyond their formal educational training. Finally, we boast no conflicts of interest, financially or politically. Our sole agenda is to present this invaluable, life-saving information to the public. Thank you for visiting our website and Godspeed.

Our Mission 

Hope from Holly is committed to precluding vaccine injuries and deaths through public education and campaigning for full disclosure of risks in medical policies and public health laws, as well as the right to refuse. We support the human right to freedom of conscience and advocate for the inclusion of broad medical, religious and conscientious exemptions in vaccine policies and statutes. Further, we will never support mandated vaccines devoid of opt-outs for the public. There should always remain the ability to opt-out of a medical intervention, in any scenario, including a contrived or legitimate health emergency.


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