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Vaccine safety is arguably one of the most important issues all of us must consider, for both ourselves and our families.  Information comes at you from every direction, and things can get confusing.  Hope from Holly seeks to provide you with a guiding light so you can navigate the stormy waters of the vaccine debate.  We offer unbiased analyses of the issues, and it is our hope that you will make the right choices for your families and share this information with those you love.

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Learning about vaccines and the risks involved is so important for protecting those you love.  The vaccine issue is a multi-faceted one.  Here you will find links to help you in your research.



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Learn our story and why we are so passionate about informing people about risks associated with vaccines.

Our Reason

This site is dedicated to Holly Stavola whose life ended tragically because of a vaccine. This tragedy as well as many other lives lost or injured from vaccines (from infancy to the elderly) prompted us to create HOPE FROM HOLLY so others do not endure a similar fate.


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